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we are from Ukraine

Dear customers, please, before you place your order, mind that on 24.02.2022 Russia announced war to Ukraine. There are no flights from Ukraine, obviously because our airports are bombed. The situation is getting serious, we don’t know when we will be able to send the orders. If you would like to support our brand, and if you can wait indefinite time for the toy - please, place your order and we will be very grateful. However, if you are looking for the present for specific date, please, consider buying from our stockists or any other brand. Thank you for understanding and support

More details
This set is all about summer, sea and sun!


More details
This set is all about summer, sea and sun!


The brand was founded by married couple - Elena and Dmitriy. She is a designer, he has a passion for wood crafting. Together they create magnificent products that are so well-received by many people all over the world.

"We believe that it is possible to impact the world through well-organized lines, forms and colours. We stand for environmentally friendly and high-quality production, discarding plastic and other unfavorable materials, remembering that our main consumers are children."

SABO concept products are not just something to look at, but something to feel. We balanced tendencies of the past and present. Our concept manifests minimalism, simplicity and, at the same time, sophistication of lines and colours.