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Frequently Asked Questions


1.Which countries do you ship to?
We ship worldwide. 

2.When are items shipped?
SABO concept ships orders Monday-Friday. We fulfill the order within 4 business days. Orders placed over the weekend will be processed on Monday. In the event of delay, we will notify you via email or phone.
3.Do you include prices on your packing slips?
We don't include prices on our packing slips.

4.Do you offer rush delivery?
We don't offer rush shipments. You can email us at to solve urgent needs.

5.Can you deliver to my work address?
Yes. We will be glad if the person who receives your will check it out upon arrival, ensure that a box is not damaged etc. (taking photo, video).


6.Can I track my order?
Yes. In the email we send you there is all track information.


1.Do you have battery-powered nightlights?

We do not produce battery-powered night-lights as we think it is not an ecological decision. Our night lights have powerful Panasonic 3400 mAh accumulator. It is much more convenient and environmentally friendly.

2. How to charge a night light?
The night light is charged in the same way as a mobile phone during 6 hours. A USB cable is included.

3. How long night light works after charging?
It works 130 hours (15 days for 8 hours) in maximum brightness. There are 3 options of brightness. On lower one it serves form more than a month.

4. How much time does it take to charge the night light?
It takes 6 hours to charge accumulator completely.

5. How to understand that the nightlight is fully charged?
On the reverse side of the night light there is an indicator. If night light is still charging, the indicator lights up in red, when the accumulator is completely charged it turns blue.

6. Is there enough light from a night light?
In the nightlight there are 3 positions of brightness, you can choose for yourself the best option. There is not enough light to read a book. Majority of our customers are young mothers. The night light is the perfect assistant to go to the bed, feed the baby and change the diapers. It is also possible to leave the night light for the whole night. It will not disturb the sleep of the child.

7. Do you have warranty?
Yes. We have 2-year warranty. We provide warranty for an electronic part of our products: accumulator, led lamps, charger (bulbs are not in the list). In a case of any problem you should contact us before and then to send us a product. We are a liable to repair or replace an item. Warranty bill is put into a parcel. You will find it there.

8. Is it possible to make a customized design night lamp?
No. You can order a night light only from the range of our catalogue.

9. Are night lights stable to locate them on a flat surface such as a desk or table?
Yes, absolutely. Exceptions are hot air balloon, dream catcher and moon. You need to hang them on a wall.

10.  Is it possible to hang a night light on the wall?
Yes. All nightlights on the back side have a loop for mounting on the wall.

11. What material is a night light made of?
Made from:

- natural ecofriendly materials, from a birch plywood.
- LED bulbs during operation do not heat up, they cannot be taken out or swallowed by babies.

- Water based paints recommended for children's facilities.
Our nightlights are absolutely safe for kids!